Discover Widgetbook, a powerful Flutter package inspired by Storybook.js that simplifies the process of cataloging widgets, testing them across various devices and themes, and sharing them effortlessly with designers and clients.

Experience Widgetbook in Action#

Explore the capabilities of Widgetbook with our example app by visiting our demo page.


  • 💙 Tailored for Flutter: Designed specifically for the Flutter framework, Widgetbook offers an intuitive and seamless experience.
  • 🦄 Open Source: Accessible to everyone, Widgetbook invites you to contribute and benefit from its ongoing development.
  • 🍭 Feature-Packed: Test your widgets on a wide range of devices, themes, locales, text scales, and more, ensuring adaptability and responsiveness.
  • ⚙️ Customizable: Effortlessly adjust Widgetbook's settings to suit your unique requirements.
  • 🔧 Actively Maintained: Developed by a fast-growing Flutter startup in Germany, Widgetbook stays up-to-date with best practices in the Flutter ecosystem.
  • Dedicated Support: Connect with other developers and receive assistance through our Discord community.

But that's not all! Widgetbook offers even more features:

  • 📙 Efficient Widget Cataloging: Catalog existing widgets to prevent duplication and save time and resources.
  • 📦 Isolated Development: Focus on design and functionality by developing widgets without worrying about business logic.
  • 🎛 Knobs: Customize how your team interacts with widgets by defining adjustable knobs.
  • ️ Hot Reload: Quickly identify and resolve bugs with hot reloading capabilities.
  • ✨ Comprehensive Documentation: Access easy-to-read, ever-improving documentation for all your development needs. Read the docs! ➡️

Widgetbook Cloud: A Collaborative Platform for Streamlined Reviews

To further enhance the review process for professional teams, we've developed Widgetbook Cloud:

  • 🌍 Share Widgets: Effortlessly share your widgets with designers, product owners, clients, and more.
  • 📃 Simplified Reviews: Utilize our guided process to streamline reviews.
  • ⛓ Figma Integration: Seamlessly connect your widgets to their design counterparts in Figma.

🔗 Visit Widgetbook Cloud documentation