Widgetbook Quick Contribution Guide

Ways to Contribute#

  1. Develop new features.
  2. Fix bugs.
  3. Improve test coverage.
  4. Enhance documentation.
  5. Provide examples.

Getting Started#

  1. Fork the Widgetbook repository.

  2. Clone your fork: git clone https://github.com/<YOUR_USERNAME>/widgetbook.git

  3. Install Melos: dart pub global activate melos

  4. Bootstrap the repository:

    cd widgetbook
    flutter pub get
    melos bootstrap
    melos generate

Contribution Workflow#

  1. Synchronize your fork with the main repo.
  2. Create a new branch: git checkout -b your-branch-name
  3. Implement and test your changes.
  4. Format code: dart fmt -w .
  5. Analyze code: dart analyzer --fatal-infos --fatal-warnings .
  6. Commit your changes with a meaningful message.
  7. Update or add documentation as needed.
  8. Ensure all tests pass: flutter test
  9. Sign the CLA.
  10. Submit a PR to the main repository.

PR Title Conventions#

  • Follow conventional commits.

  • Use types like feat, fix, and docs.

  • Include scopes such as cli or annotation.

    Example: feat(cli): add new CLI command

Code Reviews & Community#

  1. Be patient during the PR review phase.
  2. For examples, place in the examples directory and add necessary CI checks.
  3. Join the Widgetbook community on Discord.


  • All contributions will be under Widgetbook's MIT license.

Remember, while this guide provides a quick overview, always refer to the detailed contribution guidelines when in doubt. Happy coding! 🌟