A project within Widgetbook Cloud contains all the information about the currently available Widgetbook versions, reviews and use-cases. Therefore, for each Widgetbook defined in your code base, Widgetbook Cloud should define a corresponding project. In addition, projects enable product owners to define who has access to a specific Widgetbook.

Create a project#

To create a new project, a billing account is required and the user creating the project has to be the owner of the billing account. If you are the owner of a billing account, make sure to follow the steps required by the user interface.


Projects within Widgetbook Cloud define the following types of roles:

MemberCan view the project, view the projects builds, participate in reviews.
OwnerHas all the rights of a member and can fetch API keys, delete the project and upgrade, downgrade, add and delete other users.

Member management#

An owner of a project is allowed to add and delete users from the project. To modify the list of users allowed to access the project, use the View details button to see a list of members and owners. Follow the user interface to make adjustments to both of these lists.

An owner might add a user via email address which has not yet been registered in Widgetbook Cloud. As a result, the user is added to the Open invites list and will be added as a member once the user registers for Widgetbook Cloud.

Please be aware that adding users might increase charges made to your Stripe billing method. For more information on how users are billed see Invoicing.