A project within Widgetbook Cloud encompasses all information related to the available Widgetbook versions, reviews, and use-cases. For each Widgetbook defined in your codebase, there should be a corresponding project in Widgetbook Cloud. Projects enable product owners to manage access to specific Widgetbooks.

Create a Project#

To create a new project, you need to create a company. Then, follow the steps provided by the user interface to create a project.


Widgetbook Cloud projects have the following roles:

MemberCan view the project, view the project's builds, and participate in reviews.
OwnerInherits all Member privileges, and can fetch API keys, delete projects, and manage user access.

Member Management#

Project owners can add and remove users from the project. To modify user access, click the Settings ⚙️ button to see the list of members and owners. Follow the user interface instructions to adjust these lists.

Owners can add users via email addresses, even if they have not yet registered with Widgetbook Cloud. These users will appear in the Open invites list and will become members once they register for Widgetbook Cloud.

Please note that adding users may affect your Stripe billing charges.