Getting started


To use Widgetbook Cloud, please signup on and follow the steps in the email.

If you are new to Widgetbook Cloud make sure to create a new account first. For this, use the Sign-up option and provide the necessary information. You'll be logged in, once the sign-up is completed.

If you already have an account, use your login information to sign in again.

You can also reset your password by using password recovery. Please be aware that the password recovery link is invalidated after a few hours due to security reasons.

Billing account#

To create a project, a billing account is required. Since only billing account owners can create projects, the billing account should be created by the project owner or team lead.

If you want to create a billing account, see Billing for more information.

Create a project#

As described above, projects can only be created by a billing account owner. If you are not an owner, the user interface will show you a message, to create a billing account first.

To create a project, chose Projects in the menu, click on Add project and follow the steps.


For instructions on how to host a Widgetbook in Widgetbook Cloud see Hosting.