Getting Started

Setting up your environment correctly is crucial. This ensures that you can develop features or fix bugs in an environment that mimics the actual development conditions, reducing inconsistencies and issues down the line. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Fork the Repository: Before you make any changes, you'll need your copy of the Widgetbook repository. You can freely experiment without affecting the original project by forking the repository. To do this:

    • Visit the Widgetbook repository.
    • Click on the "Fork" button at the top right.
    • Once forked, you'll have your copy under your GitHub account.

    Tip: Regularly sync your fork with the main repository to stay updated with the latest changes. This helps in avoiding merge conflicts later on. Check out Synchronize Your Fork.

  2. Clone Your Fork: With your fork ready, clone it to your local machine to start development. Replace <YOUR_USERNAME> with your actual GitHub username:

    git clone https://github.com/<YOUR_USERNAME>/widgetbook.git

    This command creates a local copy of your forked Widgetbook repository. You can navigate, make changes, and test them on this local copy.

  3. Install Melos: Melos is a tool that streamlines working with mono-repositories (repositories containing multiple projects/packages). Widgetbook leverages Melos to efficiently manage its various packages:

    dart pub global activate melos

    By activating Melos, you're setting yourself up to easily manage dependencies, run scripts, and more across all the packages in Widgetbook.

  4. Bootstrap the Repository: Setting up the repository involves multiple steps, including installing dependencies, bootstrapping, and generating necessary files:

    • Navigate to the cloned repository:

      cd widgetbook
    • Fetch and install dependencies for the project:

      flutter pub get
    • Using Melos, bootstrap the project. This step links inter-dependent packages in the repo, ensuring they work together seamlessly:

      melos bootstrap
    • Generate any necessary build files:

      melos generate

    Note: If at any point you encounter issues, refer to Widgetbook's official documentation or seek help from the community on platforms like Discord or GitHub Discussions.

  5. Contribution Workflow: Now that you are ready, let's dive into how to send a good PR. Check out Contribution Workflow.