Code Reviews

The review process is an essential part of maintaining and improving the overall quality of the project. Here's what to expect:

  1. Review Phase: Once your PR is submitted, it enters the review queue. One or more maintainers or experienced contributors will review your code.
  2. Feedback Loop: Reviewers might provide feedback, asking for changes, improvements, or clarifications. This isn't a critique of your skills but an essential step to ensure the project's integrity and consistency.
  3. Adjustments: You might need to adjust your code based on the feedback. Update your PR accordingly and notify reviewers once the changes are made.
  4. Approval: Once all concerns are addressed and reviewers are satisfied, your PR will be approved.
  5. Merging: An approved PR will merge into the project.

Note: Patience is key during the review process. Everyone's primary goal is to ensure the best quality for the project.


Open-source thrives on collaboration and open dialogue. If you have questions, require clarifications, or wish to discuss certain features or changes:

  • Join the Conversation: Head over to our Discord channel. Engage with other contributors, ask questions, share insights, or seek feedback.

  • Stay Updated: Platforms like Discord often host announcements, discussions about upcoming features, or even general project roadmap.


It's essential to understand the legal aspect of your contributions:

  • License Agreement: By contributing, you agree that your submissions to Widgetbook will be licensed under the project's MIT license. This ensures a uniform licensing structure and protects contributors and the project.